Along the journey of life we encounter many challenges, transitions, and unexpected circumstances. Often we are able to handle these bumps and detours with ease and grace. Other times, however, we may experience overwhelming sadness, anger, or fear. We may find ourselves feeling stuck and dissatisfied - unable to see clearly enough to navigate our path. It is my belief that hidden among these dark and difficult times, lie beautiful gifts of insight and possibility. Psychotherapy is a tool that can assist you in confronting the discomfort to open the door to a lifetime of satisfaction and joy. I utilize a collaborative, strength-based and integrative approach, incorporating elements of psychodynamic, feminist, cognitive behavioral therapies and mindfulness techniques. I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you.


  • Skill building, and coping techniques for recovery from anxiety and depression.
  • Assessment and treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. 
  • Navigating the challenges of new motherhood and pregnancy including struggles with infertility and healing from birth trauma.
  • Thoughtfully managing life transitions such as the transition to young adulthood, relationship changes, and new and young parenthood.
  • Strengthening partnerships and negotiating relationships into parenthood and beyond.